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The fantabulous Codi is on her laptop, camming as usual. Codi gets worked-up and needs to cum. Typing and cumming at the same time is a little difficult so cumming cums first. "Bras are uncomfortable so if I'm at home, I'm almost never wearing one," Codi said. "I have to wear a bra when I go out, though, because otherwise none of my clothes would fit right. "In real life, I'm very assertive, so I'm very blunt about hook-ups and flirting," she said. "In the bedroom, I am a passive, submissive girl. A rough fuck, a creampie and cuddles is very satisfying to me. My favorite position is doggie-style. "Also, my nipples are very sensitive, so light nipple play is a huge turn-on. I love being teased and edged. Nothing makes me wetter than not being allowed to touch myself while I squirm and beg for more."
The California hills are alive with the sound of the wind and of Codi giving herself a hand while poolside. Codi takes her big boobs out of her swimsuit, giving her twin treasures some loving squeezes and rubs. Watching her breast play will give you brain freeze. Codi puts on some suntan lotion, removes her bathing suit and lies back on the lounger. Codi's me-time continues as she fingers her fuzzy cookie. Two fingers in deep, Codi's reverie is interrupted by party-pooper Logan, who sneaks behind her and splashes her with pool water. They race to the house for some skinny dippin' without the water. Once inside, Codi and Logan make time for breast play, licking, sucking and lots of hot tit-fucking. He lifts his cock to Codi's mouth for her to suck. This dude's dick is so big, Codi can only get half of it in her mouth. Needing more of Codi's spectacular hooters, Logan fucks her tits again. The screaming starts as soon as Codi sits on his pole and continues as they fuck sideways, with Codi on top, pounding his face with her swinging boobs, and several other positions. One last plunge and bang into Codi from behind and then back between her breasts goes his cock. Codi sandwiches it tightly as he looks at her beautiful face and drives his skin-bus through her titty-tunnel. Using her boobs alone, Codi makes him pop his nuts between her tits without him having to jack. Another sensational scene by the former Vmag Model of the Year.
Button-down, tight sweaters were made for Codi. She does them justice. In her knee-high socks, tight shorts and sneakers, Codi is ready for bouncing with the surf in the background. The video begins with Codi chatting about swimming, water polo and her past as part of a swim team. From aqua sports, Codi's memories move to how she and the other female swimmers would discuss the packages of the male swimmers. She talks about having sex with one of the guys in a car. After Codi's reminiscences, she begins bouncing all over the place. Her big tits start falling out of her bra while she jogs and jumps. Some of this is in slow motion. Taking her bra off, Codi keeps bouncing, clapping and swinging and does some ladder climbing, her boobs constantly in motion, almost in rhythm to the pounding of the ocean. Peeling off her shorts to reveal a full bush, Codi leaves her socks and trainers on. She lies back on pillows and gives her pussy a good patting. After viewing her bounce show, you might be more exhausted than Codi.
An all-star cast of top SCORE and Voluptuous Girls powers the movie On Location North Coast. Called the biggest on-location movie since Boobs Ahoy! 2000 Boob Cruise, North Coast stars Codi, Alexya, Daria, Demmy Blaze, Kitty Cute, Sha Rizel and the Star sisters, Erin and Helen. In the opener scene from the movie, Codi arrives at the island retreat, where she meets the other girls. They assemble to watch a special long-distance message from TSG Miami on the big screen TV that explains why they were sent to this island paradise. "Good morning, ladies, and welcome to North Coast in the beautiful Dominican Republic. My name is Dave, the editor of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines, and you are the greatest big-boob girls in the world," he says. "The best of the best. We have gathered you here for a very special reason. All of you are elite. All of you are fantasy girls and this is your fantasy villa. It's all yours to enjoy for the next week. The house, the pool, the beach...this week, it's your playground. "But you've been gathered here for another reason. We're looking for a covergirl for a special issue of SCORE magazine. You're not the only ones who are here. We've also flown in our photographers, videographers and makeup artists. Over the next several days, each of you will be assigned various challenges. The girl who is judged the winner by our team of editors and videographers will get the cover! So, girls, are you ready? Good luck and have a great week!" The first pair to get their challenge are Sha and Alexya and it takes place in the shower. Watching the two get wet and soapy, Codi gets excited and joins in. We challenge you to not cum while you watch this scene.