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Codi and Milly Marks: Dreamgirls

When Codi Vore hit SCORELAND and then Milly Marks debuted a few weeks later, the mail about seeing them together began to pour in. It was only natural to want to see them licking each other's nipples and pussies, so we brought it up to them and they liked the idea. Milly came from Dallas, Codi came from Las Vegas and they made their girl-connection in Los Angeles.

SCORELAND: What went through your minds when you were asked about doing this scene?

Codi: I hoped it wouldn't be awkward. It's always a little strange at first to do a scene with somebody you've never met before.

Milly: I was super-excited to do a girl-girl in general but even more excited because I knew of Codi and had watched some of her content beforehand.

SCORELAND: Where did you first learn about each other? SCORELAND?

Codi: Yup! I saw her on SCORELAND first!

Milly: I first found out about her from checking out SCORELAND before I started with SCORE.

SCORELAND: Did you see any of her scenes before you went to… Read More »
Featuring: Codi Vore and Milly Marks
Duration: 23:12

Member Comments

8 months ago 

OMG what a sweet shoot...

11 months ago 

So pretty in pink, Codi the friendly sexually altruistic bi Aquarius and Milly the pleasure seeking partner loving libra have really hit it off and see formed a close intimate friendship that will hopefully continue a lifetime in their private lives, as they share so much in common and have a natural affinity, being both very beautiful, busty, born bisexuals, natural naughty nudists and happy hedonists at heart and the chemistry is so right, their pursuit together of indulging in profound sensual pleasures will be unbounded and unstoppable, these spectacular erotic set of photos prove that as they just can't get enough of sharing their voluptuous bodies with one another, so thank you scoreland for bringing these two gorgeous sex goddesses together for a sensational hot sapphic sex scene that hopefully won't be the last.

11 months ago 

Fucking hell and wow, fabulous photo shoot of two gorgeous score girls Codi and Milly together passionately pleasuring each other with a strap on dildo, taking turns to tit, mouth and pussy fuck each other, this is hot bi stuff, Codi the alluring friendly, amorous aquarian is one of my favourite big boobs bundle femmes, she and Milly are natural sex sapphic friends and really arouse, excite one another, I would dearly love to see them return appearing with two guys in hot hardcore action ending in the studs erupting and emptying their sticky rich jizz into Codis and Milly's spunk hungry mouths where they can french kiss and pass the hot spunk between them and finally swallow it all down. That would be a special sex scene to jerk off over.

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