The games Codi plays

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The games Codi plays

"Is there anything you want from me?" Codi asks. Now that's a question with an obvious answer.

When this scene opens, Codi is on a balcony that leads into a bedroom. It's daytime, but she's dressed in black, lace lingerie meant for nighttime activities. Underneath, Codi is wearing chain ring lingerie. She wants you to enjoy her voluptuous tits and runs her hands over them.

Codi goes into the bedroom for the privacy she doesn't have on the balcony. There's something she wants to do inside: play with her hairy pussy while giving you plenty of jack-off if you needed any more than just the sight of her voluptuous body.

"I like to find out what pushes people's buttons and what turns them on and see if there's something there for me," Codi said. "Of course, it doesn't hurt to have big boobs when you want to get someone's attention, especially a guy's."

Getting someone's attention is a snap for Codi. Read More »
Featuring: Codi Vore
Duration: 10:53

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