Bounce, Codi, bounce!

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Bounce, Codi, bounce!

Button-down, tight sweaters were made for Codi. She does them justice. In her knee-high socks, tight shorts and sneakers, Codi is ready for bouncing with the surf in the background. The video begins with Codi chatting about swimming, water polo and her past as part of a swim team.

From aqua sports, Codi's memories move to how she and the other female swimmers would discuss the packages of the male swimmers. She talks about having sex with one of the guys in a car.

After Codi's reminiscences, she begins bouncing all over the place. Her big tits start falling out of her bra while she jogs and jumps. Some of this is in slow motion.

Taking her bra off, Codi keeps bouncing, clapping and swinging and does some ladder climbing, her boobs constantly in motion, almost in rhythm to the pounding of the ocean. Peeling off her shorts to reveal a full bush, Codi leaves her socks and trainers on. She lies back on pillows and gives her pussy a good patting. After viewing her bounce show, you… Read More »
Featuring: Codi Vore
Date: September 27th, 2023
Duration: 25:35

Member Comments

Love this scene. Codi is so fine. The ocean at the end and everything, just, wow!

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