Codi & Luna's three-way

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Codi & Luna's three-way

The pairing of blonde Codi and brunette Luna Bunny is a study in physical contrasts, but the sexual appetites of both big-boobed beauties break the heat-o-meter. It's a supernova of sex. In this scene, they display their erotic talents as they mutually enjoy Michael's cock.

Codi talked about her threesome before it began.

"I like to get creative with the positions, and you can do so much when you have two people that are sharing it with you. I've already gotten to know Luna and Michael and we all have excellent chemistry. I can tell we're all really attracted to each other and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. When you're with people who are excited to be there and take it seriously, it's really great."

The Big Show begins with Codi and Luna in the living room making out. Michael watches from the second floor. They enjoy teasing him. The girls wear very similar lingerie, looking ultra-sexy. They kiss deeply and fondle each other's shapely bodies and big tits, getting more and… Read More »
Featuring: Codi Vore and Luna Bunny
Date: November 15th, 2023
Duration: 39:19

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