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Codi & The Fuck Machines

In slow motion, Codi appears from a second floor room and descends the staircase. She's a vision of huge-breasted, seductive beauty, her tits supported by a unique bra that has removable cups. Codi pulls off one cup then the other. Her amazing boobs are released. She shakes her tits, holds them in her hands and squeezes them, her fingers sinking into her ample, pale breast flesh.

Codi then walks into the living room, where she examines the two fuck machines she'll be playing with. She wets each of the dildo tips with her mouth, strokes one with her hand and opens her mouth for the second toy so it can pump her mouth.

Standing up, Codi slips off her matching panties. It's time to have one of the robots fuck her pussy. She stands over them, fingering her pussy. Sitting on the couch, she rubs her pink slit. Sticking one of the ribbed ends into her pussy and the second machine between her big tits, Codi spreads her legs wide. She cries out as the robo-fucker bores rhythmically into her… Read More »
Featuring: Codi Vore
Duration: 19:46

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