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Codi needs bikini advice. How do her big natural tits look in this bikini? The pleasure is in watching her wiggle in and out of it, showing off her lovely, stacked bod. "I think my boobs are great," she said. "In middle school, that was what people knew me as, the big-boobed girl, and I've always tried to keep that from happening again. I'm a lot more than my boobs, but some people have a hard time looking past them. "While I think my tits are awesome and I have no trouble showing them off, I find that I am more respected when they aren't on display. But they can be hard to hide, and I'm not going to purposely wear clothes that cover them up. That doesn't look good." Codi gives lovers of busty babes a voracious appetite to see more of her.
Dressed in tight, ass-hugging jeans and a knotted, midriff-baring button-down shirt, fresh-faced Codi opens the front door to greet you. You go for a walk around the house and Codi excitedly tells you how much she's missed you. "I'm going to have some fun with you," she says. You walk with her into the kitchen. Codi's eyes bore into yours as she pulls each big, perfect breast out of her bra and shirt and lets them hang. You don't need a written invitation to feel those soft boobs, caress her smooth skin and press your thumbs gently into her nipples, rubbing them. Your handiwork gives Codi waves of pleasure. Codi tells you to meet her in the bedroom. When she enters the room, you're already lying in bed. Codi pulls off your jeans, eager to see and feel your dick that's aching with anticipation. She grips your cock firmly and lowers her head to suck you. Removing her shirt and bra, Codi gives you some more wet head and lots of eye contact, then wraps her big, soft pillows around your shaft so you can fuck them. She stands up to kick off her jeans. Her beautiful body is now naked and she's eager to fuck. She climbs on top of you, mounting your cock and riding it in the first of several positions. This has turned out to be a very good day.
Hot girls always hide things in their beds, usually under the pillows. The object hidden in Codi's bed is a butt plug, an unusual one with a little plastic rose at the end. After devoting the first part of this scene to her big, bodacious, beautiful breasts, Codi sinks her fingers into her bushy pussy and rotates the plug in her ass, giving herself waves of double pleasure. "I really enjoy dealing with fetishes and finding out about different fetishes and where they come from," Codi said. "That's the kind of thing I'm really interested in...finding out what pushes people's buttons and what turns them on and seeing if there's something there for me. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have big boobs, especially for fetish work and camming, when you want to get someone's attention, especially guys.'" In this scene, Codi definitely has our full attention.
The pairing of blonde Codi and brunette Luna Bunny is a study in physical contrasts, but the sexual appetites of both big-boobed beauties break the heat-o-meter. It's a supernova of sex. In this scene, they display their erotic talents as they mutually enjoy Michael's cock. Codi talked about her threesome before it began. "I like to get creative with the positions, and you can do so much when you have two people that are sharing it with you. I've already gotten to know Luna and Michael and we all have excellent chemistry. I can tell we're all really attracted to each other and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. When you're with people who are excited to be there and take it seriously, it's really great." The Big Show begins with Codi and Luna in the living room making out. Michael watches from the second floor. They enjoy teasing him. The girls wear very similar lingerie, looking ultra-sexy. They kiss deeply and fondle each other's shapely bodies and big tits, getting more and more turned-on. Hand-in-hand, they walk upstairs in their high heels, stroll past Michael and sit on a setee. Codi places Luna over her lap. She wants to spank Luna and finger her pussy. She slaps Luna's ass hard, spreads her ass cheeks and talks dirty to her. Luna eagerly responds to this playful punishment. Staring at the camera, Codi spits into Luna's pussy, licks it and sticks it with her fingers. They're eager for the cock. Codi gestures at Michael to join them. The girls want his stud services and they will own his dick and balls until their three-way ends in a sticky, cum-swapping climax.