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In slow motion, Codi appears from a second floor room and descends the staircase. She's a vision of huge-breasted, seductive beauty, her tits supported by a unique bra that has removable cups. Codi pulls off one cup then the other. Her amazing boobs are released. She shakes her tits, holds them in her hands and squeezes them, her fingers sinking into her ample, pale breast flesh. Codi then walks into the living room, where she examines the two fuck machines she'll be playing with. She wets each of the dildo tips with her mouth, strokes one with her hand and opens her mouth for the second toy so it can pump her mouth. Standing up, Codi slips off her matching panties. It's time to have one of the robots fuck her pussy. She stands over them, fingering her pussy. Sitting on the couch, she rubs her pink slit. Sticking one of the ribbed ends into her pussy and the second machine between her big tits, Codi spreads her legs wide. She cries out as the robo-fucker bores rhythmically into her tight hole. Codi is not totally satisfied. She wants to be drilled from behind and gets on her knees. One end is inserted into her pussy doggie-style and the other is placed between her gorgeous, dangling tits. She turns on the two fuckers and her face becomes a mask of intense pleasure, so intense that she screams. By this time, you'll probably have cum, too.
"Is there anything you want from me?" Codi asks. Now that's a question with an obvious answer. When this scene opens, Codi is on a balcony that leads into a bedroom. It's daytime, but she's dressed in black, lace lingerie meant for nighttime activities. Underneath, Codi is wearing chain ring lingerie. She wants you to enjoy her voluptuous tits and runs her hands over them. Codi goes into the bedroom for the privacy she doesn't have on the balcony. There's something she wants to do inside: play with her hairy pussy while giving you plenty of jack-off if you needed any more than just the sight of her voluptuous body. "I like to find out what pushes people's buttons and what turns them on and see if there's something there for me," Codi said. "Of course, it doesn't hurt to have big boobs when you want to get someone's attention, especially a guy's." Getting someone's attention is a snap for Codi.
When Codi Vore hit SCORELAND and then Milly Marks debuted a few weeks later, the mail about seeing them together began to pour in. It was only natural to want to see them licking each other's nipples and pussies, so we brought it up to them and they liked the idea. Milly came from Dallas, Codi came from Las Vegas and they made their girl-connection in Los Angeles. SCORELAND: What went through your minds when you were asked about doing this scene? Codi: I hoped it wouldn't be awkward. It's always a little strange at first to do a scene with somebody you've never met before. Milly: I was super-excited to do a girl-girl in general but even more excited because I knew of Codi and had watched some of her content beforehand. SCORELAND: Where did you first learn about each other? SCORELAND? Codi: Yup! I saw her on SCORELAND first! Milly: I first found out about her from checking out SCORELAND before I started with SCORE. SCORELAND: Did you see any of her scenes before you went to L.A.? Codi: No, I didn't. Milly: No, I hadn't so I was a little nervous to see how things would work out when we met. SCORELAND: What was it like for you when you met for the first time, before the shoots began? Did you crush on each other? Codi: Milly and I were really quick friends. I felt casual and comfortable around her. Milly: Codi and I were instantly friends. She's super-sweet and easy on the eyes. It also felt really good to be around another girl my age with a very similar body type. That almost never happens. I definitely had a little girl-crush on her. SCORELAND: Physically, what do you love best about her? Codi: Her hair is fantastic, really thick and shiny. Milly: I really love her face and her big tits. I think it's a tie. SCORELAND: On a personality connection? Codi: Milly and I are both pretty blunt and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed doing this with her. Milly: I love Codi's bubbly personality. It made me feel really at ease and comfortable with her.
On the balcony of a hidden country home, Codi calls you over to come visit. She wants to show you something. She bares her big, beautiful tits, and that's enough to convince you to go see her. There won't be a shotgun-carrying father around to spoil the fun. "I feel sexiest when I can see and hear how badly a man who I desire wants me," Codi said. "How much I drive him crazy with lust." When it comes to cumming, Codi likes mental as well as physical stimulation. "I'm really cerebral and I can take forever if I'm not in the right mindset, but if I'm thinking about the right things, I can cum in like two minutes. Really quick." Here, it takes her about four minutes, give or take. Enjoy the view.