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Bikini-clad Codi is poolside in Hollywood Hills, California. She rubs her boobs under her bikini top then pours some sun gel onto her hand and applies it to her sexy body. Reaching under her bikini bottom then pulling it down, Codi feels her furry pussy. "I'll need to take care of that," Codi says. "Can't believe I forgot to shave." Codi goes indoors and peels off her bikini. She has her can of shaving cream, her razor and a bowl of water ready for the bald pussy project. Sitting on the couch, Codi shaves away. And when she's done, her pussy is bush-free and smooth. After Codi's close shave, she fingers her slick slit, licking her finger to taste her sweet pussy juice. Hair today, gone tomorrow.
Doctoral candidate Codi Vore is a girl on a mission in the chemistry lab. Her personal project is to create the ultimate pheromone. If she succeeds, her supervisor will learn that she's as good a scientist as he is, if not better. Codi has been working on her formula. Now it's time to test it. Codi's test subject is herself. It's a risky move but she's willing to gamble. She pours liquid into a glass and drinks it. At first, it looks like her experiment has gone wrong and she's about to turn into Ms. Hyde, but then her expression changes to a look of pure ecstasy and pleasure. Her formula is not only a pheromone sending out sexual signals; it's an aphrodisiac and it's turning her on so much, she pulls off her clothes to squeeze and rub her large, heavy tits, so soft to the touch. Her discovery works all too well. Totally naked and leaving her high-heeled shoes on, beautiful Codi sinks into an ottoman, her legs in the air, and double-fingers her fur-lined pussy hard and fast, rubbing her clit faster and faster. She cums with a scream, and just when she thinks the effect of her formula has subsided, Codi feels it taking over again and gets on her knees to pleasure herself once more. Codi's big-boob theory is a success.
You could use some help with that exam, and here to your rescue is the ever-helpful busty tutor Codi Vore. Codi calls herself a nerd girl to your face, but any similarity to Bernadette, played by 37-year-old Melissa Rauch on the TV show The Big Bang Theory, is totally coincidental. Codi's anatomy becomes the subject of your studies, a more worthwhile scholastic pursuit. You might score a D on the exam because you're distracted by Codi's beauty and big boobs, but you won't give an F. "My favorite attention is the kind of attention I get in the bedroom," Codi said. "That's one of the reasons I got into camming and into modeling in the first feel sexy and to be admired. And for somebody to be obsessed with my boobs is great." Might as well face it, you're addicted to Codi's boobs.
Codi is breast-blessed with the kind of big, heavy, soft, natural tits other girls would love to have and guys would love to suck, lick and fuck. In this scene, Codi is ready for action in sheer lingerie with black straps and butterfly detailing that cover her nipples and pussy. She completes the ensemble with black stockings. This scene is in point-of-view as Codi teases Brad with her spectacular body then kneels and opens his pants, taking out his cock. She squeezes it to test the firmness and licks it like a lollipop, making lots of direct eye-contact. Codi holds his cock and sucks the balls. She spits on it to lube it for her big tits then sticks it between her boobs and under the black straps of her sheer, bra-like top that will hold his cock in place. The harder and faster Brad bangs Codi's breasts, the more excited and louder she gets. Of course, he cums on her tits. "Until this point, the only modeling I'd ever done was nude or erotic but mostly solo or girl-girl, and the only boy-girl I'd done was amateur, so I've just kinda shot with my partners," Codi said. "I love the idea of having sex on-camera or in front of people. I mean, it means that I'm hot." She's more than hot. She's scorching.